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Austin Tree Houses is “Out on a Limb”

 Texas Monthly Magazine


Happy Holidays!

heritage christmas card.001

Trestlewood Tree House

School’s almost out for the SUMMER. Your CHILDREN are going to need something to PLAY IN to WHILE AWAY those LAZY DAYS…and to keep them out of your hair. Let us build one of these for them—a TREE HOUSE made from TRESTLEWOOD, a company that specializes in beautiful, distinctive WOOD WITH HISTORY. Their major product lines include antique wood flooring, RECLAIMED TIMBERS and beams (hand-hewn, weathered or resawn), barnwood siding, reclaimed lumber and reclaimed wood mantels. We’d love to incorporate their products into our CUSTOM-MADE TREE HOUSES!  We can build this for you.

Austin Tree Houses, etc. | Our houses are green…most of the year, anyway. 


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